April, 26th, 2023

HS Butyl has worked with multiple high-end automotive producers across the globe, providing unrivalled quality products that are long-lasting and reliable for end users.

As a result, millions of vehicles on the road are safer, and populations are better protected. But how does it work? This blog explains the uses of HS Butyl tape on vehicles and why it’s so important under the hood.

Where do you find butyl solutions on vehicles?

Mainly, you’ll find HS Butyl tape in the doors of cars. It’s what helps the airtightness and security of the vehicle.

Put simply, we’re creating a high-density product that acts as an antivibration seal. It secures cars from external damage and pressure, keeping passengers safe and protecting the vehicle too.

What is the benefit of using butyl tape on vehicles?

Stopping wind noise. This can drastically change the feel of being in a vehicle and add an extra layer of comfort for passengers. Essential for high-end vehicles, wind noise can be reduced thanks to HS Butyl tape.

Anti-vibration. Not just essential for a comfortable drive, anti-vibration is achieved by butyl tape and helps protect elements of vehicles from damage and general wear and tear. With our tape, your vehicles can last for longer and decrease unnecessary damage.

Creates warm. Retain heat at a higher level of efficiency, with air-tightness courtesy of our tape.

Protects components from water ingress. Securing your cabin and interior components is essential to showing quality in your vehicle build. The better your vehicle is protected from the elements, such as water and wind, the longer it will last and the better experience your users will have.

Why you can trust us

We’ve created products that are used in millions of vehicles worldwide. As a provider of preformed tape for vehicles, our team have decades of experience in creating and distributing industry-leading products that go above and beyond.

We believe our products are the best on the market, and our customers agree. Our preformed tape is shipped all over the world, and we continue to work with new manufacturers on a growing range of new products.

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Proven in the marketplace and shown to perform for the long term, our products can be found all over the world.

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