May, 21st, 2021

While we are all dreaming of foreign holidays, we thought we would make you jealous with tales of where our butyl tapes are traveling to this year.

From our manufacturing plant in the heart of the beautiful New Forest in the south of England, our tapes are exported across the globe. At the moment we have customers in over fifty countries on our list, across five continents.

From tape converters in Chile to vehicle converters in Australia, from roofing companies in France to HVC companies in Hong Kong, we’ve got the globe covered in Butyl tape!

Our reason we export our British-made butyl tapes across the globe is because in many different markets our products’ A-Grade quality is recognised as the best. We have our own in-house R&D labs where we develop, test, and refine new butyl tape technology, even formulating new products tailored to suit specific applications and customer requirements. The labs are equipped with modern mixers and a range of sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that products match design requirements and provide a resilient seal no matter what the conditions on-site.

That’s why you’ll find our butyl tape providing a permanent, reliable seal on roofs, boats, vehicles, ductwork, RVs, bathrooms, tanks, and buildings worldwide.