June, 09th, 2021

It goes without saying that a 100% leak-free seal and total safety are fundamental in the construction of water tanks. Balmoral Tanks, the UK’s primary water tank design and manufacture company uses bespoke, WRAS-approved tapes developed especially by HS Butyl and supplied by Coastline Tapes to seal its range of potable water tanks.

Balmoral exports its water tanks worldwide for some of the world’s most prestigious construction projects. The company’s potable, grey, rainwater and fire-fighting sprinkler system water tanks must be totally reliable at all times, leak-free, and impenetrable to contaminants.

HS Butyl developed a special, bespoke Water Tank Tape solution for Balmoral to provide answers to all of these challenges, ensuring Balmoral’s potable water tanks comply with the Water Supply Regulations and guaranteeing a compliant and resilient installation with leak-proof joints that are designed to last.

“Our decades-long track record of excellence is built on the absolute integrity of our tanks, and the seal we achieve relies heavily on HS Butyl tape,” says X from Balmoral Tanks. “We use HS Butyl because not only are the tapes WRAS approved – an absolute cast iron requirement for us – they are also easy to use, there’s no waste, and they are accurate to apply every time for total reliability.”

HS Butyl developed a special version of its Water Tank Tape for Balmoral to use in sealing flange joints of sectional water tanks. It is a high performance butyl tape laminated with a hard closed-cell PVC foam that is available in L- and U-shaped profiles for perimeter seals and partition seals. It will retain water-tight integrity for the life of the water tank thanks to excellent adhesion properties, UV resistance, and its ability to withstand mild acids and alkalis.