June, 09th, 2021

The UK’s leading providers of solutions for airtightness, acoustic insulation, waterproofing and thermal protection, the A. Proctor Group, uses butyl tape from HS Butyl to ensure that its membrane systems achieve optimum performance on site. HS Butyl and the A. Proctor Group have worked in partnership for more than twenty-five years to develop tapes that will offer peak functionality when used in conjunction with Proctor membranes.

HS Butyl developed two proprietary tapes for Proctors for use with the company’s Vapour Control Layers and gas protection membranes. “In order that our systems can meet the strict requirements of Building Regs, we only supply the best quality tape so that our membranes can perform effectively when they are in situ,” says Derek Louden from the A. Proctor Group. “We worked closely with HS Butyl over a number of years to develop and refine our Probond RG and Protech GM tapes so that we can ensure that the performance, consistency and reliability of the tapes meets our own high quality criteria.”

Probond Tape is an extruded butyl tape manufactured by HS Butyl for sealing overlaps in the vapour control layers. It provides a vapour tight and airtight seal and its soft composition makes Probond Tape highly conformable no matter how challenging the site, retaining flexibility throughout its service life even with exposure to UV light. Protech GM Tape is used specifically to seal joins in the A. Proctor Group’s Protech range of gas membranes to ensure continuous gas resistant seal. The ultimate advantage of HS Butyl’s tapes is simplicity and speed of use on site with little waste and no mess.