Roofing and Cladding

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We are the market leader in providing preformed butyl tape, an integral part of an industrial roofing system. GCA® has a proven track record in long-term service life. Used in both built-up and composite panel systems, when correctly installed butyl helps to make the roof both weather tight and airtight.


In a built-up roof, double-sided butyl is used on the end laps of the liner panel and a single faced Polyband® strip along the side laps.  The top sheet, or weather sheet, is sealed along the end laps and side laps with a double-sided butyl tape.


Composite panel roofs are sealed with a double-sided butyl tape along both end laps and side laps. Foam fillers at the ridge and eaves are fixed in place with a thinner tape and this is also used in the production of rooflights.


Butyl tape has further applications around rooflights, gutters and flashings.  Some wall cladding designs also call for butyl tape to be applied along the side laps.  Roof and wall membranes are also sealed with double-sided butyl.


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Recommended Preformed Butyl Tape

Metal Liner Sheeting End Laps GCA® 3mm x 9mm
GCA® 4mm Bead
Side Laps Polyband® 1mm x 50mm
External Metal Sheeting End & Side laps GCA® 5mm x 6mm
GCA® 6mm Bead
GCA® 8mm Bead
Composite Panels End Laps
Side Laps
GCA® 5mm x 6mm
GCA® 6mm Bead
Rooflights GCA® 5mm x 6mm
GCA® 6mm Bead
GCA® 8mm Bead
GCA® 4mm x 18mm U
Metal Gutters GCA® 3mm x 50mm
GCA® 6mm x 50mm
Metal Flashings GCA® 3mm x 9mm
GCA® 5mm x 6mm
GCA® 1.5mm x 15mm Shim
Foam Fillers GCA® 1.5mm x 9mm
Roof & Wall Penetrations GCA® 3mm x 9mm
GCA® 5mm x 6mm
GCA® 4mm Bead
GCA® 6mm Bead
GCA® 8mm Bead
Roof & Wall Membranes Membrane sealing tape

Technical Papers

MCRMA guidance sealants

NFRC Technical Bulletin 36, “Performance Standards for Butyl Strip Sealants in Metal Clad Buildings”.

MCRMA Technical Paper No 21, “Aluminium Best Practice Fixing Guide”.



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