Research & Development

over 50 years of expertise in the production of butyl tapes.

The strength of the HS Butyl reputation has been built on superior product design and technical expertise to ensure the right products and best performance for the job. Our products are specified worldwide,  the professionals choice.

With dedicated R&D and production facilities in the UK, our range of butyl tapes is designed to perform in the most demanding conditions, no matter what the application. With over 50 years in the butyl tapes sector, we can design, manufacture and test a bespoke product for specific customer needs – our technical team will not let a substrate or application defeat them!

In purpose-built labs, equipped with modern mixers and sophisticated testing equipment, the R&D team design 21st century solutions for customers across the globe.


Research & development with HS Butyl.

Enquire about a bespoke product

Please provide the information requested. In the ‘message’ section please provide details about the application, substrates, quantities, dimensions, colour and performance required from the tape.

This will assist the Technical Team in determining whether one of our standard products would be suitable or whether further investigation is required to create a unique product.

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