Fire Rated

Fire rated butyl tapes

Our intumescent butyl tapes form an airtight seal which can halt the spread of fire and smoke through joints and seals in walls, floors and doors.

Designed to resist the spread of toxic gases and fire. Our tapes are used it is used in the glazing of doors and screens, joints in firewalls, fire rated ductwork, architraves and service penetrations.


  • Sealing fire walls and partitions
  • Fire door glazing panels
  • Sealing fire-rated ductwork


Our fire-rated products are independently tested by the UK’s leading accredited test house. They rigorously evaluate our butyl tape in stringent conditions to ensure that they offer the very highest levels of performance in fire conditions and comply with all relevant global standards.

Roofing & Cladding Products

Fire Duct Tape

Firestrip® 30

Firestrip® 60

Firetape Ceramic

Premium Quality Sealants

Our skilled sister company, Hodgson Sealants manufacture a wealth of premium industry-leading adhesives, sealants and tapes.