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There are a number of applications for butyl tapes in general construction. Some of these are covered elsewhere on our website, such as sealing of membranes.

Butyl tape can be used to improve the airtightness of a building.

Where glazed units rest on T bars, Foilband 0314 or Foilband 0316 can provide additional protection by sealing over the T-bar underneath the coverstrip.

2239 can be used as a ‘nailtape’ between tiling battens and roofing membrane to prevent water tracking down the nail. The same product can be applied to corrugated aluminium ridge membranes to hold these in place underneath ridge tiles.

Products can be supplied with a thin LDPE backing film, and these products can then be stretched to seal around pipe penetrations through membranes on roofs and walls to provide a water and air seal.

Butyl tapes can act as a barrier seal between timber and other construction components in timber-framed buildings.

These are but a few examples of how butyl tapes can be used. Please contact us if you require further information, or to discuss your particular application.

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