0361 WTT

Water Tank Tape


0361 Water Tank Sealing Tape is a high performance
butyl tape laminated with a hard closed-cell PVC foam.

  • For sealing flange joints in GRP sectional water tanks.
  • Maximum tank height is 4 metres for tanks for the Northern European climate, but only 2 metres for warmer climates.


  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Good UV resistance
  • The foam component allows good compression without squeezing the sealant out of the joint
  • Can be repositioned during tank construction if applied foam-side down
  • Easy and accurate to use with little waste and no mess
    ‘L’ and ‘U’ shaped sealant for perimeter seals and partition seals.




Unit Nominal Value Test Method
Dynamic Shear Adhesion N/cm2 16 H15
180° Peel Adhesion N/cm2 22 H41
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.5 H6
Service Temperature Range N/cm -20 to + 50 C
H = HS Butyl Test Method

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