May, 25th, 2021

If we offer to show you our new guillotine machine, don’t worry that you’re for the chop. This isn’t the French Revolution. It’s our new machine for cutting tape to convert it into sizes that are more convenient for our customers to use.

Our new guillotine is a high-speed, roll-fed machine that creates sheets or pads from squares measuring from 10mm up to 1m.  The machine is roll fed with our butyl tape that has been covered with a release liner which it cuts to any size ordered by the customer, bespoke to their exact needs. We can even punch holes in the pads or strips to make them even easier and quicker to use.

For customers who use a lot of our butyl tape in their production processes, our new guillotine removes a whole production process making their production cycle quicker and reducing waste.

The advantages for our customers are tangible:

  • More accurate tape products, cut precisely to the size required
  • Better quality seals
  • Quicker production processes – no cutting required
  • Less waste
  • Less mess on the shop floor for a safer working environment

The new guillotine is just part of our investment in new machinery, people and processes to make us more efficient and to allow us to offer our customers more products and more bespoke options specifically tailored to their own requirements.

We supply pads and sheets, cut to size, to companies across the globe in a wide variety of industries including construction, roofing, vehicle construction and conversion, HVAC, electrical and many many more.