January, 12th, 2021

HS Butyl has been working with Alte Comercial, Chile’s leading provider of tapes, seals, liners, and bathroom trim to the industrial and construction market for many years and has built up the kind of close partnership that delivers excellent customer service and relationships across the Atlantic. HS Butyl handles all of the export administration and documentation to make the import process smooth and hassle-free as possible for Alte

“HS Butyl understands the importance of providing the correct export documentation linked with excellent customer service support to make the importing of butyl tape to our facility very straight forward,” says Alte’s Sebastian Lizama. “We only sell the world-leading brands in each product sector and the quality of the butyl tape we sell  is very important to Alte Comercial because it is used in some very challenging conditions that other butyl tapes would not be able handle.”

HS Butyl exports its British-made butyl tapes across the globe to markets where the products’ A-Grade quality is recognised as the best. The company has its own in-house R&D labs where it develops, tests, and refines new butyl tape technology, even  formulating new products tailored to suit specific applications and customer requirements. The labs are equipped with modern mixers and a range of sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that products match design requirements and provide a resilient seal no matter what the conditions on site.

HS Butyl Ltd is a UK-based family business with over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing butyl tapes, developing formulations for many different applications. The company supplies tapes across the globe to the construction, vehicle and caravan manufacturing, roofing, HVAC, and membrane sectors. Recent investment in extrusion and cutting technology allows HS Butyl to manufacture high quality products for specific applications and the company regularly develops bespoke tapes for specific customer requirements. HS Butyl is a Hodgson company.