March, 10th, 2021

One of Scotland’s leading Civil Engineering Contractors relies on one of HS Butyl’s unique watertight tapes to provide joints that are not only water tight and long-lived, but also able to withstand compression under the most stringent conditions.

The joint of a concrete water pipe must be 100% reliable. It must be able to demonstrate excellent adhesion to the substrate, remain watertight for the life of the pipe, even under compression. Digging up a pipe because the seal has failed is simply not an option.

That is why W M Donald uses HS Butyl’s 0421 butyl tape in a size unique to the UK, to ensure that the joints on their pipework and culverts are totally dependable. 0421 is a preformed butyl tape that is designed to create a permanent flexible seal for in accordance with BS EN 1917. It is supplied as an extruded strip on a siliconised release paper making it simple and clean to apply, with little or no waste.

HS Butyl’s tapes are widely used in the precast concrete sector because of the high strength, permanent watertight seals they provide on primed concrete surfaces and concrete structure joints. Because these butyl tapes do not contain any bitumen, they remain flexible and can be used on any properly prepped precast surface or joint to form a seal between precast concrete components such as concrete caisson rings, box culverts, manhole covers, and inspection chamber sections.

“It is vital that seal between pipes, culverts and chamber ring sections are 100% leak-free. Our whole reputation rests on that joint being as good as the pipes themselves,” says Ewan Riddoch (Managing Director) of W M Donald. “That’s why we have worked with HS Butyl for many years and have developed with them the perfect tape for our needs. That is one of the beauties of working with the manufacturer themselves – they can produce a bespoke tape that works seamlessly with our own systems.”