March, 10th, 2021

The UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of HVAC systems, Lindab, only recommends the use of HS Butyl tapes for forming permanent air and weather tight joints in ductwork.

Thanks to its ease of application, solvent-free formulation, longevity, and large joint movement capability, HS Butyl’s 303 butyl tape is used widely in many HVAC applications such as joints between sections of flanged ductwork, air handling unit panels, builders work openings and similar joint sealing applications.

Lindab, operating from twenty-two branches across the UK from Aberdeen to Exeter, offers nationwide distribution of an extensive range of ventilation products from rivets to complete air handling unit packages. The company recommends and sells a range of HS Butyl tapes in a variety of sizes to ensure that the systems its customers install are airtight and weather resistant. “We sell HS Butyl tape because we know that it is completely reliable, it won’t let our customers down, and we won’t have any returns or complaints because it works right first time every time,”.

Popular for sealing duct flanges – double-sided for rectangular ducting, single-sided for circular – HS Butyl’s 303 butyl tape is used to prevent air, dust or water escape in compression joints and seams in HVAC systems. It works brilliantly with a wide range of substrates and because it is highly conformable and remains flexible throughout its service life, it will ensure a sound seal for many years. Lindab’s customers love using HS Butyl 303 tape because it is so easy and accurate to use with little waste and no mess on site.