March, 27th, 2024

HS Butyl has been chosen by businesses that demand the best quality. Why? Because we have proven we can deliver it.

From our wide range of products to specific bespoke creations, we provide the best solutions for complex projects across the world, and have done for a number of years.

We’ve got exciting plans for the future, to create an even bigger mark on our industry by building more products for more of the world’s most demanding industries.

In this blog, we break down the core reasons our products are chosen over competitors and the difference that we can make to your next project.

Unrivalled quality

Because our tapes create such an excellent, flexible, long-lasting seal with predictable movement characteristics, they have many uses across a number of industries.

Our products are high-tack, offering fantastic adhesion – whilst also accommodating movement too. They can be used on a variety of projects and offer high performance for much longer than many of our competitors.

We optimise seals using the latest rubber technology from our production line. It is easily applied and offers the same high-level performance.

Proven track record

Our products are found across the world, and continue to prove their worth for clients working within a variety of building and industrial settings.

We have a proud 50-year history as a family-owned company: but that does not mean we are stuck in the past. Continuous development in R&D and manufacturing technology keeps us at the forefront of butyl tape technology. Most recently, a multi-million-pound investment in mixing, extruding and cutting technology gives our products unrivalled quality, consistency and performance.

With alternative products, you can expect short lifetimes and low quality. Whilst there are some products that will deliver adhesion for homes, vehicles and membranes, it’s unlikely to deliver the same level of protection and long-lasting adhesion as HS Butyl tape.

A wide product range

Whilst we offer bespoke solutions, our core range of tapes is effective in handling most problems our clients need solving. It is this versatility that makes our products so popular.

Unlike other types of sealants or adhesives, HS Butyl tape is applied with ease, making it simple for your team to install and handle. It can be used in a variety of applications, including sealing roof and wall panels, vents, and other areas that require sealing against water and air infiltration.

Our products are easy to apply and have fantastic adhesion to a number of substrates. As a result, this often saves time for installation and saves companies money in the process.

Learn more about our core product range in our blog.

Versatile use cases

Over the years, we’ve supplied products that are of crucial importance to industries including construction, automotive and building.

Getting your product choice wrong can be an expensive mistake – and one you won’t forget quickly. That’s why HS Butyl continue to be trusted the world over, with proven quality and commitment to our customers.

“In order that our systems can meet the strict requirements of Building Regs, we only supply the best quality tape so that our membranes can perform effectively when they are in situ,” says Derek Louden from the A. Proctor Group.

To learn more about specific use cases, read our case studies.

Talk to an expert

We offer bespoke solutions for clients across a large number of industries.

Proven in the marketplace and shown to perform for the long term, our products can be found all over the world. HS Butyl tape is an important element for clients that need high quality at a great price.

If you’re tired of using poor-quality products, choose the best and work with HS Butyl tape. Talk to our team now.