January, 12th, 2021

A secure, leak-free, totally reliable seal is vital to the integrity of any caravan or motorhome build. That’s why leading leisure vehicle manufacturers use HS Butyl’s high performance CTS (Caravan Tape Super) tapes in the construction of their touring caravans and motorhomes.

Caravan manufacturers are constantly looking at new and better ways to construct vehicles to ensure a leak-free construction.  HS Butyl supplies caravan building companies with miles of single- and double-sided CTS tape every year for a wide variety of joint sealing tasks to ensure a leak-free, reliable, consistent joint throughout the vehicle’s life.

“Having all of the joints on our vehicles stay leak-free for many years is absolutely vital to the quality of our vehicles and our reputation as the UK’s premier manufacture. We only use HS Butyl’s tapes because we know that they will give us the top-notch seal we are looking for with a level of integrity that our extended warrantees can rely on.”

The beauty of CTS tape is that it is so easy to use – production teams love the stuff because it’s highly conformable and simple and accurate to use without waste and mess on the shop floor. And HS Butyl’s commitment to customer service means that they can fulfil orders OTIF to suit modern ‘just in time’ manufacturing schedules.

HS Butyl’s CTS tape can used for a variety of joint seal jobs including sealing around roofs, front and rear panels, windows, mouldings, rails, rooflights, aerials, doors, locker doors, and water and electrical inlet points. The range of products includes both single and double-sided butyl tapes.

HS Butyl’s CTS (0311) tape has proven adhesion to a huge variety of substrates and, because it stays flexible throughout its life, it is perfect for sealing vehicles which may be subject to movement and vibration throughout their lifetime. It is resistant to UV so any exposed seams will give years of trouble-free service without degrading, claims are backed with thorough third party performance testing.

HS Butyl Ltd is a UK-based family business with over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing butyl tapes, developing formulations for many different applications. The company supplies tapes across the globe  to the construction, vehicle and caravan manufacturing, roofing, HVAC, and membrane sectors. Recent investment in extrusion and cutting technology allows HS Butyl to manufacture high quality products for specific applications and the company regularly develops bespoke tapes for specific customer requirements. HS Butyl is a Hodgson company.