May, 24th, 2021

Wet rooms are an increasingly popular feature of modern homes. Their success depends entirely on successfully tanking out the space to avoid leaks and the cost and hassle of taking up tiles to fix it. That’s why the UK’s leading provider of waterproofing and insulation solutions, only trusts HS Butyl tape in its market leading wet room kits.

Wet room kits are a cost-effective way to tank out wet rooms to be 100% leak free, comprising everything needed to fit out a wet room easily and effectively, including HS Butyl’s Fleeceband 0318 tape for sealing around the drain.

Fleeceband 0318 is a butyl tape laminated with a non-woven polyester fleece backing that is perfect for wet rooms since it adheres beautifully to every common bathroom substrate including painted surfaces and sealants. It remains flexible throughout its long service life so it copes easily with movement in the components around it. It is a doddle to use and there’s no mess or waste on site so its cost-effective too.

One of our leading plumbing distribution customers is enthusiastic about our tapes. “We developed our wet rooms kits specifically to offer a quick, easy and straightforward option for contractors to quickly make a wet room watertight. All of the products in the kits were carefully chosen to be reliable, easy to use and consistent. And that’s what HS Butyl’s Fleeceband 318 gives is – a quick, easy and unfussy solution that never lets us or our customers down.”