December, 11th, 2023

The colder months are here – and if your property isn’t effectively airtight, you’ll be feeling left out in the cold.

Cold building? One factor that could be causing it is a lack of airtightness.

Without airtightness, your building will suffer from leakage. This is a result of holes being left unfilled, and nearly 50% of all heat losses via an exterior envelope can be attributed to a lack of airtightness.

The problem

Airtightness has one core aim – to completely seal off unintended gaps or cracks on the exterior of a building. As a result, occupants can expect an internal atmosphere that is healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient.

However, when using poor quality materials, or not complying with the Government’s Document L, buildings are often not airtight. This leads to increased heating costs, greater pollution through lost energy and a non-compliant building.

The solution

Fixing a lack of airtightness can be a complex process, depending on whether your building is new or old.

To measure airtightness, air will be blown into the building, and the air which leaves the building will then be measured. If you haven’t sealed it correctly, more air will come out, and the building will not be airtight, and therefore not compliant.

HS Butyl seals joints between metal-clad buildings to provide more airtightness. But you need to ensure you’re using high-quality, trusted and tested butyl that stands the test of time.

Helping new buildings stay efficient and compliant, HS Butyl tape is found on buildings all across the world.

How to stop the problem in the first place

From its exceptional waterproofing capabilities to its outstanding adhesion on diverse surfaces, HS Butyl Tape is a reliable solution for sealing, bonding, and insulation needs.

Our product is high-tack, offering fantastic adhesion – whilst also accommodating movement too. It can be used on buildings of any size and offers high performance for much longer than many of our competitors.

We optimise seals using the latest rubber technology from our production line. It is easily applied and offers the same high-level performance, no matter what time of year it’s installed.

Talk to an expert

We offer bespoke solutions for clients across a large number of industries.

Proven in the marketplace and shown to perform for the long term, our products can be found all over the world. HS Butyl tape is an important element for clients that need high quality at a great price.

If you’re tired of using poor-quality products, choose the best and work with HS Butyl tape. Talk to our team now.