October, 26th, 2023

Whilst you may know what airtightness means, many businesses are still unaware of the huge benefits it offers for new builds and property portfolios – or, importantly, the legal requirements around airtightness.

Here are the questions we hear most often, answered by our experts.

Is there a legal reason airtightness matters?

By this point, you’ve probably heard us mention Document L – the new building standard of the UK government. All new developments must adhere to this legislative requirement, requiring energy efficiency throughout the UK on new properties.

Property managers and construction teams must make every effort to follow this law and make it a priority for upcoming projects.

If you’re involved in roofing and cladding, compliance with Document L is essential for modern builds – and our tape adheres to all government guidance. It’s also received a third-party certification from a UKAS-credited laboratory.

What are the main benefits of airtightness?

Aside from compliance with Document L, there are many advantages to making sure that your building is airtight.

Reduced energy usage will result in lower CO2 emissions. Lower energy costs throughout your portfolio will begin to become noticeable, as will a decrease in your carbon footprint. This is more important than ever for businesses looking to achieve net zero targets with their builds.

Better heat retention in the winter months is provided by high-quality HS Butyl tape, which is essential given the rising costs of energy. You will also be able to maintain heat longer in the summer.

Are HS Butyl’s tapes reliable?

Building materials that can withstand general wear and tear, as well as the passing of time, are hugely preferable over those that require frequent repairs and replacements. HS Butyl tape is a durable and long-lasting material and will help add longevity to the protection of your building.

HS Butyl tape is industry-leading and is put through rigorous testing to ensure it provides the best protection for the longest possible time period.

How versatile are HS Butyl tapes?

Unlike other types of sealants or adhesives, our tapes are applied very easily, making it simple for your team to install and handle. It can be used in a variety of applications, including sealing roof and wall panels, vents, and other areas that require sealing against water and air infiltration.

For those installing HS Butyl tape, it is easy to apply and has a fantastic adhesion to a number of substrates. As a result, this often saves time for installation and saves companies money in the process.

What makes your tapes different?

With alternative products, you can expect short lifetimes and low quality. Whilst there are some products that will deliver adhesion for homes, vehicles and membranes, it’s unlikely to deliver the same level of protection and long-lasting adhesion as HS Butyl tape.

Want to know more about our products?

Marketplace proven and shown to perform for the long term, our products are in a different league to the alternatives. HS Butyl tape is an important element for clients that need high quality at a great price and want to benefit from airtightness on their next construction project.

If you’re tired of using poor-quality products, choose the best and work with HS Butyl tape. Talk to our team now.