July, 10th, 2023

You’ve probably heard us talk about the UK Govt’s Document L standard by now. It’s a legal obligation for all new projects, enforcing energy efficiency across the UK.

It’s vital that property managers and building teams make every effort to adhere to this legislation and make it a priority for future projects.

Focusing on energy efficiency is best done during the build phase – proactive efforts are often much more cost-efficient than reactive efforts. Focusing on airtightness during the build phase is a simple way to increase energy efficiency at a low cost.

Airtightness: Explained

Airtightness has one core aim – to completely seal off unintended gaps or cracks on the exterior of a building. As a result, occupants can expect an internal atmosphere that is healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient.

Without airtightness, your building will suffer from leakage. This is a result of holes being left unfilled, and nearly 50% of all heat losses via an exterior envelope can be attributed to a lack of airtightness.

We can measure airtightness by blowing air into your building and tracking the air which leaves the building. When it’s been correctly sealed, the air loss will be negligible. However, if it’s not airtight – you’ll be losing lots of air, and the building will not be compliant with regulations.

What are the benefits?

As well as compliance for document L, there are plenty of benefits to ensuring the airtightness of your build.

You’ll see reduced energy requirements that in turn reduce CO2 usage. A reduction in your carbon footprint will be inevitable, as well as lower energy bills across your portfolio.

High-quality butyl tape offers better heat retention in the colder months, which is vital in the context of increased energy costs. And in the summer, you’ll be able to retain heat for longer too.

How to achieve airtightness

Butyl seals joints between metal-clad buildings to provide more airtightness. But you need to ensure you’re using high-quality, trusted and tested butyl that stands the test of time.

Helping new buildings stay efficient and compliant, HS Butyl tape is found on buildings all across the world.

Why HS Butyl tape is the best choice for your project

Our product is high-tack, offering fantastic adhesion – whilst also accommodating movement too. It can be used on buildings of any size and offers high performance for much longer than many of our competitors.

We optimise seals using the latest rubber technology from our production line. It is easily applied and offers the same high-level performance, no matter what time of year it’s installed.

Compliance with Document L is essential for modern builds – and our tape adheres to all government guidance. It’s also received a third-party certification from a UKAS-credited laboratory.

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