August, 14th, 2023

When investing in a project, the quality of every material is paramount. Making the right decision on materials can make or break a project.

From its exceptional waterproofing capabilities to its outstanding adhesion on diverse surfaces, HS Butyl Tape is a reliable solution for sealing, bonding, and insulation needs.

Here’s an explainer of why it’s considered the best choice for our global customer base.

What is HS Butyl tape?

Put simply, our tapes are high-quality adhesives that provide great, long-lasting seals for homes, vehicles and construction projects.

When installed on projects, HS Butyl tape forms an effective weather barrier against moisture, dirt, air, and allergens.

What projects is HS Butyl tape useful for?

HS Butyl tape can be found on projects across the world, including roofing and cladding, water sealing and vehicle construction.

Because our tape creates such an excellent, flexible, long-lasting seal with predictable movement characteristics, it has many, many uses in sealing and weatherproofing roofing and cladding projects. It works brilliantly with so many substrates, including aluminium, steel and fibre cement, so it provides the ultimate versatility across a number of roofing and cladding applications.

Our tapes are used for all kinds of vehicle construction applications – from trucks to caravans, from boats to buses. Our tapes are vital to the integrity of many vehicles’ structures. There are single or double-sided products in our extensive range that, as manufacturers, we can supply in any format or size required: extruded strips, standard rolls, pre-cut lengths, or die-cut pads.

HS Butyl tape provides an excellent barrier to water and air, making it perfect for use on lap joints on most membranes. Because it is so easy to apply, it is the perfect choice for sealing membrane joints on site.

Why NOT to choose the alternatives to HS Butyl tape

With alternative products, you can expect short lifetimes and low quality. Whilst there are some products that will deliver adhesion for homes, vehicles and membranes, it’s unlikely to deliver the same level of protection and long-lasting adhesion as HS Butyl tape.

Our product and experience

Our product is high-tack, offering fantastic adhesion – whilst also accommodating movement too. It can be used on buildings, vehicles and objects of any size and offers high performance for much longer than many of our competitors.

We optimise seals using the latest rubber technology from our production line. It is easily applied and offers the same high-level performance, no matter what time of year it’s installed.

Specifically for roofing and cladding purposes, HS Butyl tape offers compliance with Document L, is essential for modern builds – and our tape adheres to all government guidance. It’s also received a third-party certification from a UKAS-credited laboratory.

Get started with HS Butyl tape

Proven in the marketplace and shown to perform for the long term, our products can be found all over the world. HS Butyl tape is an important element for clients that need high quality at a great price.

If you’re tired of using poor-quality products, choose the best and work with HS Butyl tape. Talk to our team now.