May, 21st, 2021

We think our butyl tape is quite simply the best you can get. Don’t believe us? This is what some of our customers have said in the last six months.

“The beauty of CTS tape is that it is so easy to use - production teams love the stuff because it’s highly conformable and simple and accurate to use without waste and mess on the shop floor. And HS Butyl’s commitment to customer service means that they can fulfil orders OTIF to suit modern ‘just in time’ manufacturing schedules.”


“One of the things we love about HS Butyl tape is that it offers an instant seal without the need for additional sealants, so it is a quick and fool proof solution. That gives us total peace of mind to know that our roof systems and roof lights will be instantly waterproof – it just works, job done.”

Brett Martin

“Having all of the joints on our vehicles stay leak-free for many years is absolutely vital to the quality of our vehicles and our reputation as the UK’s premier manufacture. We only use HS Butyl’s tapes because we know that they will give us the top-notch seal we are looking for with a level of integrity that our extended warrantees can rely on.”

Caravan Manufacturer

“And that’s what HS Butyl’s Fleeceband 318 gives is – a quick, easy and unfussy solution that never lets us or our customers down.”


In order that out systems can meet the strict requirements of Building Regs, we only supply the best quality tape so that our membranes can perform effectively when they are in situ. We worked closely with HS Butyl over a number of years to develop and refine our Probond RG and Protech GM tapes so that we can ensure that the performance, consistency and reliability of the tapes meets our own high-quality criteria.”

Proctor Group

“It is vital that seal between pipes, culverts and chamber ring sections are 100% leak-free. Our whole reputation rests on that joint being as good as the pipes themselves. That’s why we have worked with HS Butyl for many years and have developed with them the perfect tape for our needs. That is one of the beauties of working with the manufacturer themselves – they can produce a bespoke tape that works seamlessly with our own systems.”

WM Donald