September, 11th, 2023

HS Butyl tape is already a game-changing solution for many of our clients across the world. Our products offer unrivalled performance and versatility in use that has transformed their projects.

Whether it’s its exceptional waterproofing capabilities or its outstanding adhesion on diverse surfaces, it’s the most reliable solution for sealing, bonding, and insulation.

Here’s why we believe HS Butyl tape is the best option for your next project.


Whilst we offer bespoke solutions, our core range of tapes is effective in handling most problems our clients need solving. It is this versatility that makes our products so popular.

Unlike other types of sealants or adhesives, HS Butyl tape is applied very easily, making it simple for your team to install and handle. It can be used in a variety of applications, including sealing roof and wall panels, vents, and other areas that require sealing against water and air infiltration.

For those installing HS Butyl tape, it is easy to apply and has a fantastic adhesion to a number of substrates. As a result, this often saves time for installation and saves companies money in the process.

Unrivalled quality in materials

Because our tape creates such an excellent, flexible, long-lasting seal with predictable movement characteristics, it has many, many uses in sealing and weatherproofing roofing and cladding projects.

It works effectively with many substrates, including aluminium, steel and fibre cement, so it provides the ultimate versatility across a number of roofing and cladding applications.

Our product is high-tack, offering fantastic adhesion – whilst also accommodating movement too. It can be used on buildings of any size and offers high performance for much longer than many of our competitors.

We optimise seals using the latest rubber technology from our production line. It is easily applied and offers the same high-level performance, no matter what time of year it’s installed.

Government compliance

If you’re involved in roofing and cladding, compliance with Document L is essential for modern builds – and our tape adheres to all government guidance. It’s also received a third-party certification from a UKAS-credited laboratory.

Alongside this regulation, our HS Butyl tape offers fantastic adhesion and long-lasting airtightness that is essential for vehicle construction, water tanks, electrical safety, and so much more.

Get started with HS Butyl tape

Proven in the marketplace and shown to perform for the long term, our products can be found all over the world. HS Butyl tape is an important element for clients that need high quality at a great price.

If you’re tired of using poor-quality products, choose the best and work with HS Butyl tape. Talk to our team now.